Our Story

Our Story

Airluum was born after Dan, our founder, faced the heartbreaking loss of his father. That’s when he realized his father never got the chance to share the stories of their rich family history. About a year later, Dan’s mother began experiencing issues with her memory and feared that his family legacy may be lost and forgotten.

However, as an engineer, Dan decided to find a way to merge innovative tech with a heart-centered approach to preserving family legacies. Airluum is the solution not just for Dan’s family, but for all families that want to preserve and share their family stories for generations to come.

About Airluum

Who we are

However, creating something to preserve the past and inspire the future takes a team.

Enter a crew of highly motivated, dedicated, and passionate problem solvers who met in college in the 1990s. Over the years, Dan, Mark, Vladimir, Belinda, Rene, Jonathan, and Noramay, forged careers in finance, law, consulting, tech, marketing, and business. After recently reconnecting, they discovered they all faced the daily issues of family life – packing lunches, helping with homework, tending to skinned knees, tying shoes, and most importantly, giving hugs. Unfortunately, in the hustle, the team noticed that family history and stories were getting lost.

Tired of the problem, they joined forces to create a solution — Airluum.

our story
why airluum
Why Airluum?

Why we chose to build the Airluum app— An Homage To Storytelling

Time can move so fast that we forget or miss our chance to share some of our most cherished moments with little ones that we love so dearly. Like any other busy parent, we’re always moving towards the next item on the to-do list. So often, our family history and stories get lost in the hustle. Tired of the problem, we joined forces to create a solution — Airluum.

Airluum was the solutin to a family need. After Dan, our founder, faced the heartbreaking loss of his father, he realized there were stories his children and nephews hadn’t heard. His father never got the chance to share all of the stories of their rich family history. Then about a year later, Dan’s mother began experiencing issues with her memory and reality set in for him.

Dan feared that his family legacy may soon be lost and forgotten, and the time to save it was running out. So, ever the engineer, he decided to look for a clever and practical solution that made collecting and preserving these stories easy. And that is when Airluum was born.

Airluum is an app that enables parents to create a multimedia collection of their family stories today, so that their children can enjoy them tomorrow. Airluum is an app created by parents for parents knowing that someday, as adults, our kids will want to know details about themselves and their family that they might be too young to appreciate today. For example, they may be curious about the origin of their surname, or where their ancestors came from.

We feel the app we’ve built is timely as we strive to merge innovative tech with a heart-centered approach to preserving “The Family Legacy.”

Memories and stories are just a part of it. Taking pride in one’s cultural and ethnic origins is essential for a strong personal identity. Airluum’s vision is to keep family legacies alive for years to come and empower the youth with a strong sense of identity. We believe a robust self-identity can be directly linked to confidence and pride in one’s own heritage. Our app gives users the power to control their own narrative as well as sheds light on a family’s shared values.

How we operate

We work like engineers, dream like artists, and operate as a fast-paced startup where everyone is a proud contributor to the development of our product. As an organization, we understand the value of the future. Making the platform as widespread as possible involves looking forward and following long-term trends.

We develop our app with simplicity in mind. From the overall design of the platform, to the user interface, we wanted the Airluum experience to be as seamless as possible. We understand that not everyone is familiar with new technology. Even for those who aren’t tech-savvy, uploading stories and memories can be done with ease.

We operate as a family first company in order to be more in touch with our user base. We pride ourselves on maintaining our app to be robust, user-friendly, and most of all safe, because preserving your stories means preserving your legacies.

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Our values

Family is everything. Once you join, our hope is that you will feel like you’re a part of the Airluum family and our shared values. These values guide everything we do and who we are.

Diversity. We come from different family upbringings and understand that not every family situation is the same. There are single parents, multi-generational families, adoptive families, and family units yet to be envisioned. No matter what your family looks like, your stories deserve to be shared.

Compassion. How we work together at Airluum and how we work with you helps us create an environment where we can acknowledge and apricate others. It’s that compassion and appreciation that keeps us focused on creating a tool that’s for all families.

Transparency. We believe that for you to trust us, you need to know what we’re up to. Whether it is new features or changes to the platform, we want our users to be in the loop. Leading with transparency leads to building trust.

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From a child’s first steps to family traditions and history to birthdays, graduations, and travels, Airluum is the app for families to capture and share life’s precious moments. It was created by busy parents for busy parents to easily put memories in a time capsule to be shared so that family history isn’t lost in the bustle of life.

Download the Airluum app to start capturing your family’s history.

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