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Discover the power of AI in genealogy with Airluum. This generative AI app focuses on simplifying the way you build family trees. With our advanced AI algorithms, tracing your lineage becomes intuitive and insightful. Join us as we redefine the way you explore your heritage and make AI easy!

Your Modern Solution
To Keeping Family Close

With a powerful UI to turn mundane tasks, such as information hunting and gathering, into a more pleasant experience, we aim to keep users engaged, informed and entertained.
Leave behind the clunky navigation and visually unattractive trees for an intuitive and clean experience. Explore your family tree with ease. Our user-friendly interface makes tracing your roots simple and intuitive.

Making Genealogy Easy With Cutting-Edge AI

Making Genealogy Easy With
Cutting-Edge AI

Our user-friendly interface with Dani can help you harvest all of the sweet family stories from your ever-growing tree. The AI can generate various types of text that can be useful and fun to share with your loved ones.

Dear Uncle Leo,

Congratulations on your retirement! After so many years of dedication and hard work, you truly deserve to relax and enjoy all the activities you love. Whether it’s casting a line into the water, tuning into Shark Week, or serenading Aunt Lola with your unique singing talents, I hope each day brings you new joys and adventures.

Thank you for being an inspiration and a hero to me. Your passion for your craft and your love for family have always been guiding lights. I’m looking forward to seeing what you bake up, both in the kitchen and in life, during this next chapter.

Enjoy every moment of your well-earned retirement!
From your favorite little breadstick,

AI-Powered, Family Oriented

Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use family tree building app. Traditional family tree construction can be cumbersome and frustrating. Lots of planning and research is involved and the people who venture to create one often find themselves overwhelmed without knowing where to start or how to continue when they inevitably reach a dead end. Airluum is motivated to keep family members connected, united and engaged via updates & notifications. Rooted in history, enriched by the information given by each member, there can be a lot to learn from every branch.